Praise for Bravo y Grande

The Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River may well be the least-known national park unit in the Lower 48. Few people will ever visit, as it’s incredibly remote, lacking infrastructure, and help is awfully far away. But that’s also what makes it amazing. The great thing about this film is it offers the intrepid armchair adventurer, as well as the skilled wilderness river rat, with the next best thing to being on the Rio itself.

Bob Krumenaker, Superintendent Big Bend National Park/Rio Grande Wild & Scenic River and trip participant

This film was the culmination of a lot of work by many people both on-screen and behind the scenes. The challenges in documenting the Lower Canyons on film are many. We captured 3,400 shots over seven days without electricity, through rapids and the harsh extremes of remote West Texas. It’s a journey that only a few hundred people experience each year. We are excited to bring our experience of the Lower Canyons to a larger audience. It’s an amazing trip!

Carl Crum, Director